All sport, whether competitive or recreational requires endurance and mental focus. Nutrition is an important part of any sports training regimen that contributes to performance, manages fatigue and minimises the potential for injury. Every individual has differing nutritional needs based demands of the sport.

Factors that may affect an athlete’s nutritional needs include type of activity (aerobic vs anaerobic), gender, age, weight, height, body mass index, body fat levels, workout or activity stage (pre-workout, intro-workout, recovery) and time of day.

The Supa Shake and Energy Drink will manage energy levels, ensure optimal nutrient uptake, improve performance and assist in recovery.

For optimal benefit, the Supa Shake should be consumed 90 minutes prior to event/workout. The Supa Energy Drink should be consumed 15 minutes prior to the event/workout and during the event/workout to ensure hydration levels and assist in recovery.

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